Go Ask Alice. Alice comes back home and it is excited to restore her life along with her family members.

Go Ask Alice. Alice comes back home and it is excited to restore her life along with her family members.

Plot Overview

An unnamed fifteen-year-old diarist, whom the novel’s name relates to as Alice, begins a journal. With a delicate, observant style, she records her adolescent woes: she worries by what her crush Roger thinks about her; she loathes her weight gain; she fears her budding sexuality; she’s uncomfortable in school; she’s trouble associated with her moms and dads. Alice’s dad, a university teacher, takes a training place at a college that is different your family will go in the very beginning of the brand new 12 months, which cheers Alice up.

The move is hard. Even though the sleep of her family adjusts towards the town that is new Alice feels as though 321sexchat webcams an outcast in school. Quickly she fulfills Beth, A jewish neighbor, together with two become quick friends. Beth renders for summer time camp and Alice would go to live along with her grand-parents. She actually is annoyed, but reunites with a vintage friend, Jill, who invites Alice to an event. During the celebration, Alice unwittingly falls LSD and experiences a great medication trip. Though wondering, she vows never to do medications once more.

Alice cheerfully experiments with additional medications and loses her virginity while on acid. Roger and their moms and dads arrive unexpectedly to check out her grandfather, that has possessed a heart attack that is small. Alice is enthralled with Roger but seems bad about her medication loss and use of virginity. She does not know to who she will speak about medications. She actually is concerned that she might be expecting. Alice goes home and her household takes her warmly. Not able to rest, she gets tranquilizers that are powerful her medical practitioner. Beth returns from camp, but Alice discovers that Beth changed. In a boutique, Alice fulfills Chris, a hip woman. Alice’s moms and dads bother about Alice’s “hippie” look.

Alice and Chris are both dissatisfied aided by the establishment and their very own families.

Alice and Chris are both dissatisfied using the establishment and their families that are own. Alice gets a working task using the services of Chris, and also the two become close friends. In school, they normally use medications and tend to be popular. Chris’s buddy Richie, a university child, turns Alice on to cannabis. To create additional money for medications, she and Chris offer medications and do whatever they may be able to assist Richie and Ted (Chris’s boyfriend and Richie’s roomie). Alice and Chris discover Richie and Ted sex that is having one another and flee to San Francisco. Alice turns Richie in the authorities and vows to keep clean with Chris. They transfer to a cramped apartment. Chris secures job in a boutique by having a glamorous older girl, Sheila, and Alice gets one by having a customized jeweler. Sheila invites girls to celebration at her household.

At Sheila’s swanky party, girls use medications again. They continue steadily to party with Sheila until one evening, whenever attempting heroin, Alice realizes that Sheila and her boyfriend have already been raping and brutalizing them. Girls kick their medication life style. They find a brand new apartment in Berkeley and available a precious jewelry store here, which can become a hangout for a nearby children. Alice misses her family members. She comes back house for Christmas time, as well as the vacation nature and household camaraderie revive her. She starts college and resists medication improvements from old friends, although some are aggressive. Chris smokes cannabis along with her, and Alice dates back on medications. The authorities raid Chris’s home while she and Alice utilize medications. Girls are positioned on probation, and Alice is supposed to be provided for a psychiatrist.

Alice will continue to complete medications without her family members’ knowledge. She hitchhikes to Denver (recording her journal entries on scraps of paper without times). She travels to Oregon with other medication users but quickly loses them. A janitor directs her to a objective much like the Salvation Army. Alice is washed up and fulfills a new victim of lifelong intimate abuse, Doris, whom allows her remain at her apartment. They have ill from malnourishment and hitchhike to Southern Ca, where Alice takes more medications, also prostituting herself for them. Alice speaks with a priest about teen runaways, and then he calls her moms and dads. They want her in the future home. Within the town, Alice satisfies some other runaways and speaks for them about why they left house. She imagines she may get into kid guidance or therapy some to help out others, and she vows to quit drugs day.

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